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5 Items to Transform Any Space for Any Season

I like to keep things simple and streamlined with just about everything. Decorating is no different. Each season has it's go to decorations - bright cheery colors in the spring and summer, pumpkins in the fall and all the things that are Christmas. But I've found one of the easiest ways to decorate any space is to simply swap out some of the same items. These are mostly inexpensive items that can be kept in a box, stowed away and easily brought out when the seasons start changing.

Here is one corner of my house - just a table, a chair and lamp. For each season I only swapped out these 5 items:

1. Pillow and/or blanket

2. Candle

3. Candy Dish or Decorative Bowl

4. Vase/Flowers

5. Decorative Balls

and you can see how it completely transforms the space and brings on the new season.

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I love when the leaves start changing and the cozy sweaters come out. So I definitely love making my home feel nice and cozy during fall. And it doesn't take much. Here's what I swapped out for Fall:

1. A deep red, soft and cozy blanket with a cute decorative throw pillow

2. A frosted yellow candle votive

3. A decorative leaf-shaped candy dish

4. An orange vase with faux orange and yellow leaf garland pieces

5. Orange decorative balls

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Christmas decorations are my favorite decorations! I honestly don't use a ton of color throughout most of my house. I like neutrals and whites and grays. But during Christmas I love all of the reds and greens and the bright and cheery feel of it all. Here's what I swapped for Christmas:

1. A red & white throw pillow & blanket

2. Green Candle

3. Red Candy Dish/Decorative Bowl

4. A simple, clear vase with pine & holly in it

5. Red Decorative Balls



I love how this wintry look turned out. The house can often feel bare after taking down all of those Christmas decorations, but it's still possible to make it feel warm and inviting. During winter I love sticking with whites and greys with pops of silvers and golds. Here's what I swapped for winter:

1. White and grey throw blanket and pillow

2. White taper candles on silver and gold candlestick holders

3. Black and white candy dish

4. Clear Vase with white flowers

5. White and grey decorative balls

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After the cold winter, spring is the perfect time to add some pops of colors throughout the house and keep them up all throughout summer. Even though I mostly prefer neutrals, it's always fun to add some color. Here's what I swapped for spring and summer:

1. Powder blue blanket & yellow throw pillow

2. Pink Candle (this scent is Cactus Blossom and it's my FAVORITE!)

3. A simple decorative bowl with an inspiring quote

4. Powder blue vase with bright pink flowers

5. All White decorative balls

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So there it is! One simple corner with just a chair, table and lamp and only 5 items swapped out to completely transform the look of it for each changing season! I use this technique all throughout my house - on side and end tables, my dinner table, beds, chairs, couches, etc. It really just takes a few pieces and some different colors to welcome in any new season!

What are some of your go-to items for decorating all year long? I'd love to hear from you!

Happy decorating! And don't forget to browse the shop and sign up for exclusive discounts!

Be blessed,

Stephanie :)

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