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Rocky Paths

Last week, Maverick and I went to a lake we visit often to go for walks. As soon as we pulled up and parked, I realized I had forgotten his stroller. Though he's walked the 2+ mile walk with me before, his snotty nose and cough he had on this day made me quickly change our plans. It was windy and the wind was chilly so he didn't need to be in that weather long and I knew halfway around the lake his little legs would have had enough.

I let him play near where we parked for a bit. We ended up finding ourselves walking across one of the big bridges he likes to run across. On the other side of the bridge he found, as he usually does, some rocks to play on. These rocks were clumped together along the sidewalk, making their own little path, though not one meant to be walked on. But of course it was his trail of choice. It's a bit uphill but he walked it all the way to the top. Not wanting to go any further and with the wind picking up, I told him we should head back to the car. He turned around and began to make his way back down this rock path while I walked alongside him on the actual sidewalk. As he's carefully watching his feet and making his next step onto the next rock, he asks me a question. "Mommy" as he points forward but keeps his head lowered, his eyes watching his feet, "how do I know where I'm going if I can only watch where I'm stepping". Surprised by his little question, I didn't have time to answer him before he continued on, "the sidewalk is a lot easier to walk on, but I like walking on these rocks".

It's fascinating to me when his little three-year-old self says something or asks a question and I feel the Holy Spirit opening my eyes to so much meaning behind what he is saying or asking. Maverick's sweet little words and surprising wisdom was a reminder to me that sometimes when we're following Jesus, we can't exactly see where we're going. We can't see what's up ahead. Often, all He reveals to us is just the steps - one at a time. We have to trust Him as we move from one step to the next. We can't always see the whole path, but we can trust that He has already made a way. It's not always the easier way to do things. We could jump onto the other path - the paved sidewalk where everyone else is. We could walk that path, not having to pay attention at all to where our feet land, keep our eyes forward and decide exactly where we want to go. That path doesn't require much faith and trust, if any. But like Maverick said, the sidewalk may be easier to walk on, but I like walking on the rocks - I like walking with Jesus. And if walking with Jesus means I don't always get to know the full picture, but I get to trust Him with each and every step, then that's the path I want to be on.

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